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Have you ever been in a situation before either as a coach or player, where you had to throw a rookie out there to start having never played in an NFL game? Number One, because of what they have within themselves, and Number Two, because of the confidence that they gain from playing with the players around them. It has been a long time since training camp and all that.

You know, you find out that guys tend to rise to the occasion.

In the same time (70's) Croatia made two great comedy serials settled far away from towns: ' Nase malo misto' on small Adriatic island and ' Gruntovcani' in a poor Panonian village.

Finally, almost a decade and half after leaving Yugoslavia and after at least a dozen failed attempts, Croatia managed to produce a real urban sitcom.

How much have you worked with him specifically on that this week?

East - all others - were Orthodox or Moslem, with relations to Moscow, Istanbul and maybe Athens.

This language seems to be normal, usual in all other genres, so isn't it a kind of hypocrisy if we blame using it in sitcoms?

I'd rather blame those who use it in buses, markets, beaches...

Does that take a while to kind of get to the point where you want him physically? They do 1-on-1 pass sets all the time and that’s pretty close to live.

FRANK REICH: You know, there’s probably a little bit of getting banged around some that takes a little bit of time, but you get some of that out of practice. So we’re getting about as close as we can and I think he’s been doing a good job with it. Doing this on the road, with the crowd and the noise, with him being out at tackle, obviously that’s not optimal.