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Suspicion of modern medicine due to beliefs about illness being due to witchcraft also continues in many countries to this day, with tragic healthcare consequences.

HIV/AIDS are two examples of often-lethal infectious disease epidemics whose medical care and containment has been severely hampered by regional beliefs in witchcraft.

With the world cup only a few weeks away people are heading to South Africa. W = V which is similar to how Germans or the Dutch use it.

If you feel this is a travesty and want the dirty phrases in Afrikaans to be added to this list, then please let me know in an email to Tweet us.

Before leaving for South Africa get the South Africa Lonely Planet. Betel Nut Taste Test in Taiwan What to do in Budapest Bruges: It's like a Movie, Only Better Photographing The East Midlands of England What to Expect During A Trip to South Florida The Greece-iest Place on Earth Fayetteville.

Here is our advice on how to say a few important phrases in Afrikaans while you're down there. They also use the letter "n" like we use the letter "a" in English. There is a lot more to the language, but if you wanted the finer points of Afrikaans you would probably just buy a real book on How To Speak Afrikaans.

For starters: Afrikaans has a very hard H sound for the letter. Or, get yourself the most up to date South Africa Lonely Planet.