Star crossed 1x09 online dating

Though they don't know it, the appearance of Rick Rodgers is far from coincidental, and might just change all three lives forever.Entry in the Castle Winter Hiatus Ficathon 2015-2016"This thing between us?

Check it out site is still on a beta version, so if you find any bugs let me know through a PM here on or Archive of our Own! "I'm fine," she promises him, the utter devastation claiming his face, drenching his eyes in startling grief she's seen before on a sunny day in a cemetery, worse than any bullet wound. It's just a graze." An alternate take on the party scene in 8x11, Dead Red.

I agreed because you're cute" AUMy entry for the Castle Halloween 2015 Bash.

Rick Castle finds himself alone and rejected at his own Halloween party.

I got laid..." What if Beckett happened to be up there one time?

Prompt from Lou (Inky Coffee)The lives of Kate and Jim Beckett are turned on end when a mysterious stranger arrives in town and joins them for the Christmas season.