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I was Lieutenant Uhura trying to regain her skills after having her mind wiped by Nomad. Within the past year, they've released the Delta Rising expansion, which opens Delta Quadrant while raising the level cap for the first time since launch.

Given all of that, it's fair to say that Star Trek Online has survived and even thrived to a degree outside of the public eye.

Perpetual's plans were scrapped, with Cryptic deciding instead to make every player a starship captain; a decision derided by some critics and praised by others.

They also shifted the balance away from exploration and diplomacy and more toward action by putting the Klingons and the Federation at odds once again.

I don't know why, but there's something precious about the idea of a clone of a mad scientist working hand-in-hand with Vulcans, Jem'Hadar, and the odd liberated Borg.

Being unemployed at the time and with not much else to do, I dove headfirst into Star Trek Online's content, eventually racking up more than 200 hours of playtime.

Sibak, who could be obtained in the mission "Hearts and Minds," available during Friday the 13th and Halloween.

Crafting was cumbersome, raids were non-existent, and the Klingon faction was almost entirely limited to player-versus-player arenas.

Cryptic made it to retail before deadline, but the game they put out was more or less unfinished. Reviewing Star Trek Online for Eurogamer, Oli Welsh wrote at the time, "Players are miserable, and Klingon chat channels are among the most dispiriting places to hang out on the internet right now.

Last week, I dusted off my Star Trek Online account and logged in for the first time in three years, where I found myself confronted by a harsh reality: I barely had any idea what I was doing.

My screen filled with accolades and status messages as I tried to remember how to fly my ship.