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If you’re known as a matcher, people will come to you only if they feel like they have something equal to offer.Let your reputation precede you.] How Givers, Takers, and Matchers Build Networks Networks provide private information, diverse skills, and power.Plus, because most people professionally tend to be matchers, the “lower status” people you help as a giver tend to really appreciate your giving.Takers and matchers take advantage of the reciprocity tendency.

Of these 3 styles, which do you think tends to be the most successful?

They offer favors to people whose help they want in the future. First, the recipients often feel like they’re being manipulated.

This ends up feeling like a transaction more than a meaningful gesture.

In true zero-sum interactions, giving rarely pays off. Givers take some time to build goodwill, but eventually their reputations and network build their success in a virtuous cycle way.

Example: in the first year of medical school, givers earned lower grades.