Taeyeon and lee teuk dating websites

shfly3424: Dance practice today ✌🏻 #Hoodboy leedonghae: That’s what i like the reason I like photos☀️ xxteukxx: this app keeps squashing my face~ Shinmkoongie who is sleeping with my arm as a pillow~ I always feel sorry because I don’t have a day off so I’ve never been with her the entire day before but even so, thank you for being with me well.

Super Junior member Leeteuk (left) and Girls' Generation member Taeyeon [Asia Economic Daily] Top Korean management firm SM Entertainment has denied that its artists Leeteuk of boy band Super Junior and Taeyeon of female idol group Girls' Generation are in a romantic relationship.

[ 143, -22] I can see why he dated Taeyeon ㅋㅋㅋ Both are known to say the stupidest stuff the minute they open their mouths.

Leeteuk indirectly ended up hating on Yoon Jong Shin who's also a variety star and musician, as well as contradicting himself since he's an idol and a variety star.

- The famous Kim Yuna scandal, which he used on variety shows by talking about it and getting Yuna hate.

He's already good at singing and musicals, but if he does varieties on top of that, he'll lose his identity as well as the things he's good at." Kyuhyun argued that the reason he does varieties is to become a better singer because sometimes singing isn't all that there is to a singer.

He said he wanted to gain public recognition through the show so that people won't think some no-name member of Super Junior is singing on stage.