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" to strike a chat with their principal on Facebook and followed it up with "F***k off" and "Go to hell". But censured at home and suspended from school for a month, the younger boy, 13, has possibly learnt the lesson of his life."It's the nature of the medium," says Shelja Sen, consultant psychologist in Delhi, "You can't be held accountable. And you can be as nasty and aggressive as you please." Soapy has a different explanation: "Facebook is like a road.As everyone checks out everyone else, the profiles send out varying signals. BF VS GF: You can hug your "guy friends" casually, but you can't hug your "boyfriend" in front of your parents. First base = kissing, second and third base = kissing and touching, with and without clothes. Pocket money for 15-plus teens in the metros ranges between Rs 6,000-20,000 a month.A massive friend count means, "Don't expect me to give you too much attention." A nicely photoshopped Wall indicates, "I am so weird, wacky and wonderful." Profile shots updated on hourly basis mean, "Check me out, I'm cool". PLENTY CHOICE: Multiple dating is smart: you are not too hung up on any one person. If you look bad in a photograph, you will be tagged 'Hahaha'.I like changes in everything except relationship, once I choose someone I hope it will last for years. For me it’s impossible to waste time doing nothing. I try to be everywhere and participate in everything. who is ready to sop on one lady and make her happy.

Unknown to the nation at large, teenage seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. Twenty-five out of 100 teenage girls in a big-city school are sexually active, reports the Indian Association of Paediatricians.

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I would tell that I’m adventurous, and at the same time I do not easily lose my heart. I like to try new things, discover new places and meet new interesting people.

You can bump into anybody but would you speak to all and sundry? They are not the Facebook generation, you see."Despite those highs and lows, Facebook is the place where they measure each other's cool quotient.

And every teen is aware of the subterranean war of attitude and outlook that rages on the social networking website.