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When Noe asks what kind of a curse it is the kid explains that its the Vanitas curse.Back to the present day Noe asks Vanitas why they are in jail. Vanitas is still trying to convince Noe to help him in his quest.And that a count with the Queen is the one in charge of handling vampire matters. At the end you are also introduced to new characters. Vanitas is a human who works as a doctor for vampires and wishes to save them.Vanitas also explains that it is possible that Noe was not in his right mind when retrieving his belongings because he has poison in his system.Noe's body has spent the last three days fighting the poison. And his personal history with vampires bearing curses.

I found that this chapter was better than the first!

While Noe decides to pick up his cat and belonging's that was left behind in all the chaos.

When he reaches the police arrives and he collapses.

Too bad the French turned it into a s***-hole after blanketing it with soot...

I hope this Mochizuki manga continues to gain more recognition, I really like the "steampunk" setting.