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Unfortunately, the movie is a flop, but Foghorn is just happy to have had the opportunity to make one. Coyote: "Silent But Deadly" Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Foghorn Leghorn.The neighborhood’s most annoying bachelorette Lola Bunny ends a bidding war for Bugs when she puts 0,000 on the table.Lola provides him with a script of what every woman wants to hear, and as he reads it, Lola herself becomes smitten.However, Daffy has already decided that he wants to bring Tina, a gum-smacking duck who works at the Copy Place.After Daffy drives by in a limo with Bugs, Lola, and Tina, Porky comments that he's got to get a girlfriend. Sisyphus" Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Tina Russo.

Merrie Melodies: "Queso Bandito" by Speedy Gonzales. Coyote: "Sail Fail" Thanks to Pete Puma's bumbling, the vicious Tasmanian Devil escapes from the zoo and Bugs (mistaking the ravenous beast for a dog) decides to adopt him.

Daffy ends up portraying Foghorn Leghorn in a movie, but fails miserably ending up in a fist fight.

Bugs and Yosemite Sam find a vase buried in the backyard and it could be valuable.

But Daffy fibs soon become excessive, and Bugs becomes preoccupied with acquainting with all the high school graduates, because he never went to high school.

Merrie Melodies: "Cock of the Walk" by Foghorn Leghorn. Coyote: "Fee Fi Fo Dumb" Notes: First series appearances of Pete Puma and Penelope Pussycat.