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Becoming a monk was sometimes the only way to get access to education and improve the social status of one’s family.At one point each Tibetan family was expected to send one son to the monastery, and about 20% of the men and boys in Tibet were monks.This isolation has led to a very strong sense of cultural identity based on common language, religion, and daily rituals.Traditionally, people lived a simple life based on their Buddhist faith and principles.The Tibetan leaders understood that they were outnumbered and outgunned by the Chinese, so they tried to negotiate and make concessions to their demands.However, by 1959 the Chinese had reached the capital of Lhasa, where they bombed the royal palace, several monasteries, and other important buildings.For most of its history Tibet has been fairly isolated from the world.

Northern Tibet is subject to high temperatures in the summer and intense cold in the winter. The Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950 and by 1959 had claimed it as part of China.Boys would go to live in a monastery as early as seven years old and then spend 18 years studying many different subjects including Buddhism, medicine, astronomy, and crafts.Monks are very highly respected in Tibetan culture, as spiritual leaders and as educators, and because they are the most highly educated members of society.education is highly valued, since not everyone was traditionally given the opportunity to go on as far as they wanted in school.One way of honoring one’s parents was to work hard and do well in school, because it is a way of recognizing how hard parents have had to work giver their child the opportunity to attend school.