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There's also a possibility make a ride on an elephant. A clever way of doing advertising, because your company name is on a board near the cage. The zoo elephant has to know the commands, which are important for every day training and for hygiene. it has to learn to stand patiently, to lift its feet for pedicure and to lay down for washing .

This place is a popular attraction for the locals with small children especially during the weekends and public holidays.Habitat loss, forest fragmentation and hunting have decimated its numbers. Zoo Negara Malaysia is giving away Ang Pow in represent free entry ticket for Malaysian citizens whose birthday falls on February.But the elephant keeper has to show the baby also confidence and he must stroke it. Not only because elephants are contact animals, but this way the little elephant learns to let itself touch from head to foot. The most important ones are "Yes Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) There are only 600-1000 sun bears left in Burma, Thailand , Sumatra and Malaysia.It is the most endangered of the and the smallest bear species and not much studied.