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This will not play on most Blu-ray players sold in North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.Attilio est un homme qui met de la poésie dans sa vie, et rêve chaque nuit à la femme de sa vie.Fuad directs Attilio to an old Iraqi pharmacist, who suggests ancient treatments that keep her alive.Attilio locates scuba gear (to provide oxygen) and even "a weapon of mass destruction" (a flyswatter), Attilio then runs the risk of going to the Italian Red Cross HQ in Iraq, obtains medical supplies by posing as a doctor, then brings medicines back to Baghdad.(He proved this in the most extreme way- finding her and somehow managing to save her life in war-torn Iraq.) On the same day Attilio returns to his country, there is an animal breakout at the Rome zoo.Vittoria, driving her car, stops to see an escaped tiger in the middle of the road under falling, snow-like pollen from the jasmine trees.Attilo follows her, pleads with her and throws himself at her feet – but the more he tries to win her heart, the more adamant is her rebuff. She is currently working on a biography of the famous Iraqi poet, Fuad, who has been living in Paris for many years but who plans to return to Baghdad to be with his fellow Iraqis when war breaks out. With great good luck and dogged persistence he manages to make it to Vittoria’s bedside.

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In real life, however, the woman of his dreams is simply not interested. Vittoria has been badly wounded in one of the first British and American bombing raids and is dying. He moves heaven and earth to be allowed to travel to Iraq with a delegation of Red Cross employees.

The first half of the film deals with Benigni's character courting Braschi's, and the second part has them separated by a war. Benigni's attempts at saving his wife are reminiscent of his scenes cheering up his son at the concentration camp.

Benigni's movie Pinocchio is also alluded to, particularly Braschi's character, the Blue Fairy: at one point her husband asks her to wear a blue robe.

Poet and university lecturer Attilo De Giovanni lives in an ivory tower.

His latest anthology of poems – “ The Tiger and the Snow” – has recently been published and has been well-received by critics and readers alike.