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Professor Mark Whiteley, a consultant vascular surgeon and founder of The Whiteley Clinic in London, is one of those experts expressing concerns about our water consumption.He says it’s quite feasible that drinking more water than you should over an extended period of time resets the brain’s chemistry to expect excessive amounts of water.They are surprised when I say their drinking habits could be making their sweating worse.If you drink more water than you need to, sweating is one of the ways the body will try to rid itself of the excess.

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‘When we fall asleep, our brains release ADH, anti-diuretic hormone, to slow down kidney function and stop us feeling the need to urinate during the night,’ says Professor Whitely.‘If you drink two or three glasses of water in the evening, however, all that extra fluid working its way through your system is likely to override the effect of ADH, fill your bladder, and have you getting up in the small hours.You will also need to drink more if you are in a warm climate.The best way to tell if you need a drink is to go by thirst.Professor Whiteley, also an expert in hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is convinced that over-hydration — drinking excessive amounts of water — is linked to many of the extreme sweating problems his patients suffer from; some so severe they are considering surgery to remove their sweat glands.‘One of the first things I always ask my hyperhidrosis patients is how much they drink,’ he says.‘Invariably, because they sweat excessively, they tell me they drink a lot of water to compensate.