To look video on the veb chamber

Issue #1 is being researched as it is believed to be a letter which had no number.

Once we are certain we have the right document we will add this to the contents list.

and more helmets Classifieds Number 58 – Winter 2011 Jumping in the Deep End News from the Deep Recollections of a Pearl Diver OZTe K ’11 Secretary’s News Vintage Scuba Course US Navy Standard Divers Knife Underwater 3D Photography The Masked Man Nemrod Snark As time goes by… Letters to the Editor Helmet Diving returns to T1 Rebuliding a Porpoise Prototype They’re still out there Heinke grave visit Helment Cam Siebe Gorman 6 bolter Remembering Bill Young A Clearance Diving Experience Experimenting with Oxygen The Book Collector Number 42- Winter 2007 News … happenings Members Helping Members Don Ross: NZ Dive Pioneer Australia’s Other Diving Inventor 100 Fathoms Down HDS DEAP at OZTek Vinntage Gear Prices Myster Mask Revealed Slovenia’s Diving Museum The Book Collector Siebe Gorman Training in the ‘60s Number 43 – Spring 2007 Fathomeering Mysterious Siebe Belt Diver Smale and the Octopus Reece Discombe Tribute Manufacturer Turns 60 Pearling in the Nreth-West A Key to the Kingdom The Book Collector News and more.. Happenings Clearance Divers Reunion Testing the Porpoise Thomas Hearn: Trans Tasman Hero Jack Dodd: Diver at Monte Bello RESCUE: The Entombed Miner MY GEAR: CA1 Porpoise IN MEMORY : Wal Gibbins EARLY SCUBA: Lawson Lung The Book Collector Diving Technology Number 40 – Summer 2006 News … Happenings HDS SEAP: 10 Years On Les Subritzky: NZ Dive Legend Maquay Lifting Device Porpoise Rebreather A Clearance Diver’s Life The Book Collector International Societies Underwater Ads Issue 37 – December 2005 News from the Board Rare Helmet in Australia Information Requested – Man Overboard Recollections of my Early Days of SCUBA by Stephen Taylor Part 2 Book Review by Des Williams of “Deep Water Gold – the story of RMS Niagara” by Keith Gordon Turning Bk the Clock at Flinders Pier by Tony Gregory Encl: Apology for delay and request for volunteer web master Issue 36 – September 2005 Ted Eldred 1920 – 2005 by Jeff Maynard Commonwealth Salvage Board Work by Des Williams Cartoon by Dick Millington Items Wanted Book Review by Jeff Maynard of “Redbill” by Kate Lance Murakami’s Diving Mask by Jeff Maynard Recollections of my Early Days of SCUBA Diving by Stephen Taylor Part 1 Issue 35 – June 2005 News from the Board Oh Those Sunny Salvus Days! Marx Membership Reward Scheme London Historical Walk Issue #15, July 2000 Editorial News from the Board Old News from the Board Sydney Rally in September Suggestion of name change to HDS SE Asia Tom Galloway & Derek Craig in Adelaide with Siebe 6 bolt & Siebe/Heinke pearler (photo) Membership Application Issue #16, September 2000 Tom Turner & Frank Gubbins preparing to dive from Lady Denman (cover photo) News from the Board N. Boat Show Meeting John Lamb – helmet collector Shipwreck book review Tom Turner – WWII Standard Dress Diver John Lukins – new member needs assistance Historical Diving Related Web Sites WEGS and Liability Cover Update DHS Products Page Issue #17, December 2000 News from the Board R. Fake Diving helmets are on the increase Tasmanian recent auction results Letter from Ace Parnell Letter from Rick Geschrey The “Big Trip” in June 2001 to the USA HDS Products Issue #10, March 1999 Editorial News from the Board DHS ASEA Membership Rewards Scheme 1999 Society News – DHS ASEA to attend ADEX Singapore 15 – 18 April – Society web page.

Classifieds Number 59 – Spring 2011 Jumping in the Deep End News from the Deep HDS UK Unveils its Museum Belting Up NAUI Standard Dress Course 2011 The Elingamite Treasure Divers Mystery Helmet National Technical Museum – Prague Smith’s Rock Strikes Sea Hunt Anniversary Dive Dave Quinlan’s BC Lake Marx Historical Gathering Aussie Pioneer – Dick Charles As Time Goes By – Cathy Deane Diving the TOA The Masked Man Military Support for Porpoise Making an Icon – US Navy Mk V Classifieds Number 60 – Summer 2011 President’s Message News from the Deep 2011 Annual General Meeting Secretary’s Report 2011 Ted Eldred Award Shipwreck Museum Visit Broome W. The Helmet That Got Away Classic Scuba Workshop Buying a DESCO Mark V So you want to dive a Mark V? The Masked Man Vintage Scuba Guy The Book Collector Inside Back Cover: Classifieds Number 53 – Autumn 2010 Jumping in the Deep End News from the Deep Helmet Divers Mussel In Courage and the Helmet Diver Desco During the War Sea Lion – A British Alternative Circa 1880 Siebe & Gorman Memories of the 60s William May – 19th Century Diver Free Classifieds Number 54 – Winter 2010 Jumping in the Deep End News from the Deep HDS – 20 Years On Diving History in Darwin Deep, Dark and Dangerous Kirby Morgan-Yokohama Port Emergency Service – Melb. Drafer Pressure Bag Dive Reports Perils of Pearling History of Rebreathers Pearling Part #3 Frank Crilley – Arctic Diver Classifieds Firefighting and Diving The Book Collector Number 46 – Winter 2008 Our new equipment policy News and events Ted Eldred Awards Dive Reports and Events MSA Regulator Puzzle Clearance Diver Bill Fitzgerald Californian Classic Equipment Diving Buchanan Gordon Dress Jamaica Sub Aqua Club Number 47 – Spring 2008 News, Private Dive Reports, Events A Visit to Winchester Cathedral Jim White and the White Regulator First Slovenian Ladies in Diving Become a Classic Diver Chum Magazine 1898: Training Divers The Book Collector Members’ Classifieds Diving Anzac Cove Number 48 – Summer 2008 Jumping in the Deep End News Ted Eldred Award Private Dive Reports Ted Eldred: The Early Years Porposise CA Rebuild Counterstike Townsville Rally The Book Collector Vale: Morris Simon Barnes Scubamatic Subsunk Smoke Helmets Comeback A Premature Death Drivers yarns Free Classifieds Number 41 – Autumn 2007 News … Number 44 – Summer 2007 1873 NZ Submarine New Mistral Twin Hoses The Oil Drum Diver Pearling Part #2 Drager’s Collapsible Pots Popoise Presentation The Book Collector Ming Diving Mask Beware: Fakes About News and more… New web site produced by Peter Stone – State Diving Museum to be placed at the Melbourne Maritime Museum – Singapore members to meet on April 17th – Adelaide WEG attend Wooden Boat Festival at Goolwa on 13 – 14 March A Texan in a 5 Gallon Hat by Andy Andrew DHS Dives at the Melbourne Maritime Museum by Des Williams Important Announcement – Members List to be published in Issue #12 HDS UK News – 1999 recipient for the Dr Art Bachrach Literary Award was Torrance Parker Membership/Order Form Product List Issue #11, June 1999 Editorial News from the Board – Singapore Navy appointed as Honorary Member Adelaide 99 Annual Rally – 3rd September Helmet maintenance and suit repair workshop – 4th September diving – 4th September evening Annual Dinner – 5th September talks: – Dr Chris Acott – The history of bends and diver recompression – David Burchell – dived and salvaged the HMAS Perth in Sunda Straits – Dom Lamera – Diving the WA Treasure Wrecks – Patrick Washington OAM – the history of the Bass Strait diver Copy or Counterfeit by Bob Ramsay Letter to the Editor re fake helmet Historical Dive Equipment at Eden by Des Williams Turkish Siebe Gorman by Dom Lamera OZTECK by Peter Fields SA News by Christopher Deane Issue #12, September 1999 Editorial – report on the Annual Rally in Adelaide News from the Board Donation to Society – Adelaide Skindiving Centre donates collection of old scuba equipment Bill Fitzgerald OAM by David Strike The Divers Seat South Australian Manufactured Twin Hose Regulator by Bob Ramsay Mk v Helmet Could be Yours – HDS USA Raffle Issue #13, November 1999 Editorial – Bob Ramsay wins ER Cross award News from the Board – Changes to the DHS ASEA board – Graeme Roberts leaves the board – ER Cross Award – HDS USA chosen to present award to Bob Ramsay – WEGs – seeking a solution to incorporate WEGs officially into HDS ASEA More Members – request to members to assist in increasing membership New Taxes – note re introduction of GST Members Assistance – Leslie Leaney seeking information on companies Marshall & Hancock involved in selling diving gear Members BBQ Dive – NSW HMAS Penguin 18th December – SA home of Derek Craig 19th December Ben Cropp by Bob Ramsay Naval Historical Society Address by DHS Members by Des Williams Belt Up by John Allen Adelaide 99 Rally Video CD/VHS available to buy The Last USN Mark V of the Millenium – HDS USA Raffle Issue #5, January 1998 News on Henri Bource’s health Biographical note on Jacques Cousteau who passed away in 1997 News on Historical Diver #13 being delayed to produce a special edition commemorating Jacques Cousteau Membership fee increase Report on underwater line dancing event held in Melbourne Bob and Claudia Kirby to visit Adelaide on February 13th.

This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves.

HDS ASEA sponsored by Aqualung Australia SA News by Christopher Deane – report on Bob and Claudia Kirby’s visit to SA Victoria – Bob Ramsay and Jeff Maynard visit Bob Wallace-Mitchell and Ted Eldred and interviewed them Queensland – meeting to be held 25th June Article on Dave Burchell by Christopher Deane Product Price List Classifieds: Siebe Gorman 12 bolt for sale Issue #7, August 1998 Editorial including report on stolen Robison and Galeazzi helmets News from the Board Regional News: SA News – on August 2nd two Mk V’s will be dived as a practice run for the regional meeting in Sydney NSW by Peter Fields reports on Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year Victoria by Jeff Maynard on development of plans for a National Museum of Diving Restoring a Mk V or A Labour of Love by Des Williams Product Price List Classifieds: Chinese Helmets and full sets for sale Wanted: Russian 3 bolt dress and boots Issue #8, October 1998 Editorial News from the Board – passing of Henri Bource Regional News: – passing of Rob Cason HDS Canada launched Sydney 98 Melbourne October 24 – DHS ASEA invited to participate at the Polly Woodside Maritime Museum by the Oceanic Research Foundation Life Membership bestowed on Leslie Leaney and Andy Lentz.

HDS Aus-Pac members contributed stories to the HDS US magazine and Jeff Maynard was the Australian editor for that magazine.

Due to this, the newsletter had much less historical diving content than todays Classic Diver.

From Issue #2 to Issue #14 the format was an A5 booklet (A4 folded).

Issue #15 was a couple of A4 pages printed both sides.