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And of course, no torture this time, either, so that's another strike against it. The direct link for your latest is here: Bill K: Apparently has been out a few years.

There's even a somewhat blurry copy of the entire movie on You Tube.

Being of small diameter, it allows a finer degree of control.

That way, the tension is coming from both ways, balancing the structure. I was checking what's new on other commercial sites and boy, looks like pd either can't afford anyone looking half decent or he went legally blind.

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Besides Islam is intolerant by Quranic definition and difficult to integrate into a multicultural society. Elegant women in restraints, especially handcuffs/leg shackles.

I find it interesting that this woman has a chain tattooed around her ankle.

A few movies that are mandatory watching for those with similar tastes (a bit unexpected but god-awful Lifetime movies usually get this right): False Arrest: [com] Without a Kiss Goodbye: [com] Woman on Trial: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story: [com] Of course by many standards these movies are tame and lame, but they set the stage properly and elevate the pathos of upper middle class women finding themselves in chains!The reason why I was reminded of the topic today was a story of a woman accused of some fraud, somewhere in South Africa I believe. There are a few more great shots of her floating around the net as well. Got some Italo nasties and some run of the mill light bondage scenes. I'll leave that to Covers, the most respected elder of the gang.That could be a bit of a road trip for me, but I'm thinking I should look into getting this movie on DVD. The version I saw had "Caligula" in the title (matter of fact, another VHS film in the same "Caligula" series was actually I'm too lazy too look for my DVD copy now, it's somewhere on the disk. Today I want to talk about a topic very dear to my heart.In looking over their official website, it looks as though the filmmakers used Indie Gogo to help fund their project, the same way the gang at Pachamama is doing now on . I saw an interview with one of the cute lead actresses who has a spread-eagle bondage scene in the movie.And she says she was originally supposed to be nude in the scene and they changed it to her wearing her underwear. God, I hate the self-imposed censorship in movies these days.