Have 4 kids who live with their ...41, male, London, Middlesex Never easy to talk about yourself but the important thing is to be comfortable with who you are and to make the most out of life - that's me.

I will normally ask you whether I look fat in my suit and am somehow most likely to step on your feet on the dance floor.

I am eclectic and have studied magick for many years.

[Review Full Profile] I am a High Priestess I practice the old path of my ancestors and I am an Asatru teacher/seer and a healer I have been Pagan all my life and I live the way of the witch to the best of my ability.

Their website says, “In order for an event to be set up we gauge the interest registered and then when there is more than enough people an event is provided and everyone is informed.

If you would be interested in attending such an event don’t be shy and Register you interest so we can let you know what is and when it is happening.” Read their feedback page for some positive feedback about their events (including 4 positive comments about the Christian Singles events – although those comments are all from between 2010-2012).

It'd be nice if they were the same person but they may not be.

I'm open-minded about what my magickal partner might be like, and it might be interesting if they were different to me.

We hope you’ll find encouragement, support and have some fun/social time together at Auckland Christians Meetup.Am a great lover of nature and feel at peace when I'm surrounded by trees or under the open sky.[Review Full Profile] I'm not great at talking about myself but here goes...Click here for more info about their Christian Singles events.When enough people register their interest, an event is set up (they already ran one Christian Singles event in early 2014, and as of now no new event has been scheduled).