Updating portage tree

genup is best installed (on Gentoo) via its ebuild, available as part of the sakaki-tools overlay.

Full instructions are provided as part of the Sakaki's EFI Install Guide tutorial, on the Gentoo wiki.

Using the deep option will update the package and it's dependencies.

# Regular: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv world [email protected] # emerge -uv world # Deep: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv D world [email protected] # emerge -uv D world # What might be albe to be removed?

Applying security patches and updating system apps is an important part of maintaining the Gentoo operating system. It is very important to have up to date system backup before you do this.

Backup all your database and files in $HOME, /etc/ and more.

Tool to update the Portage(5) tree, all installed packages, and kernel, under Gentoo Linux.

updating portage tree-16updating portage tree-6

The emerge utility of portage provides the methods to install, upgrade and remove packages.

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Emerge is the front-end for funtoo's Portage package manager.

With emerge it is easy to install, update or remove packages. This will update your local Portage tree with the latest Funtoo ebuilds.