Updating rooms

Do not store more than one firmware package on the drive, only copy over the desired version.

The secondary USB port on the Power/Data Box can also be used but this port is typically the blocked with a small rubber plug.

The control panel can be used to update the firmware in one of two ways: either immediately or scheduled for a future, reoccurring time.

Note that the current Device Software Version is displayed in the screen above.

It is simply easier to just use the more accessible port on the camera base.

After inserting the USB flash disk the device (when idle and not actively in a Lync call) will look at the root directory of the volume and search for a valid firmware update package.

The same software release package is applicable to both the CX5100 and CX5500 models so there are no separate download files to worry about.

For details on the older CX5000 models head over to this older article.

Although not necessary, if desired the firmware version can be checked to validate the expected version was successfully applied.

This is very easy on the CX5500 as it can be looked up on the device itself or via the integrated UCS web management interface (covered later in this article).

It required installing an application on a Windows PC, physically connecting a Windows computer via USB, reading the documentation to find a little known default device password, and then finally copying the package files to the device using a complicated command line utility.

The newest models have completely redesigned the upgrade process to provide for different requirements.