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A California Langford cousin I didn't even know existed until a year ago was in San Antonio today. Langfords don't need to actually know one another before they meet. From the first hug and hello, the conversation was non-stop. His response, : "They may have been able to find some kind of wild fruit but I don't know what it would be.There were times when all three of us were talking at once, and what's so amazing is that we all heard, understood, and answered one another without pausing for a single breath. I'm sure the Indians didn't have any fruit trees.and wife Mary COTTINGHAM sold 9 acres to JOSEPH LANKFORD (part called TROUBLESOME) "1783 tax – David COTTINGHAM 35 acres 1728-1729–REVISED BIRTH ESTIMATE FOR JOSEPH: From note by Barry D.Wood to Allen Leigh, master of our Fielding Langford website, , copied to shb: "Allen–In my opinion, Joseph Langford's birth HAS to be well before 1745, probably closer to 1735, if not earlier.There may have been wild peaches but that would not be a good area for growing peaches." –shb 1723–A JOSEPH LANKFORD IN SOMERSET COUNTY MARYLAND: As posted on accessed 2 by shb: "Tax List of Somerset County [no Lankfords in this paragraph–shb] – 1723 Tithables Belonging to Pocomoke Hundred (Number of slaves/total number of taxables)(Incomplete list-only persons pertinent to Riggin genealogy) Elizab'th Townsend, Jams.

"Rent Rolls 1666-1723 Charles COTTINGHAM son of Thomas COTTINGHAM, 200 acres "1 Nov. 1742 Charles COTTINGHAM gave to son Thomas COTTINGHAM balance [Insert by shb–ABT.It was not quite clear to me on this site where the land listings were, as listed at accessed by shb, but it appears that it was Sussex County, Delaware, a large part of which got annexed to Maryland: "The maps in the back are great.The boundaries of each tract are shown so you can see exactly where each person lived.Wm Whittington, negros 5/5 Arthur Warwick/1 Robt Harris, negros 2/3 Teague Riggin, negro 1/2 Caleb Harris/2 Nath'll Davis, Lazarus Davis/2 Richard Knight, Joseph Rigen, Mr.Southey Whittington, negros 4/5 Jno Harris, Thos Truet/? Townsend/3 Jno Townsend Junr/1 Dan'll Townsend, negro 1/2 Thos: Dukes/1 Jno Broughton, Philip Parker/2 Thos Evans, Nath'll Evans/2 Som.set(? Peter Dickeson, Peter Dickeson, Abram: Dickeson, Teague Dickeson,negro 1/5 Sam'll Rigen, negro 1/2 Teague Mathews/1 Elizabeth Rigen, Th: Rigen, negro 2/3 Jno Rigen, . /3 (entry obliterated) ~ …Jun/1 (John Rigen) Jno Mathews, Sam'll Mathews, Jams. Brittingham, John Brittingham/1 [Next paragraph–shb]: 1723–ON SOMERSET COUNTY, MARYLAND TAX LIST?