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Whitmore, Goodison and Boyd after 1998 made their mark in the lower leagues and Ricketts still plays and is playing in MLS.

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According to the Constitution of Brazil, the Portuguese people have a special status in Brazil.

Guys, is it okay to link my classic Jamaican sets to the team now?

I've put a lot of time and effort in to them, and so far, they've received good feedback (if not, somewhat limited ).

Ricardo FULLERJohn BARNESDeon BURTONWalter BOYD Alan "Skill" COLEPaul HALLGarth CROOKSIan WRIGHTGK-Barrett SB- Sinclair SB- Gardner CB- Goodison CB- C.

Davis CM- Earle CM- Simpson WF- Delapenha WF- Barnes CF- Boyd CF- Cole What do Usain Bolt, Lennox Lewis, Ben Johnson, Donovan Bailey, Lloyd Hoenyghan, Linford Christie, and John Barnes have in common?