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i`ve been playing a few of these games and have a few questions. i`ve been on this website for a while unregistered, pardon me if i ask a buch of questions today. - Have her change into something suitable for going out.

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- To hit the eact bullseye, you have to aim slightly up from the centre. - Go to her bedroom and suggest she slides her clothes off. Back to Elana`s room, suggest Elana to change her outfit. In the castle, go with the two girls in the wine cellar, and make Latricia drink. gonna definately have to try harder Good game with pretty good graphics and a solid storyline. Sadly, this game suffers from the same problems that Latricia had, and has limited choices on a limited number of outcomes. just tried it out, thinking it would be a simple dating sim, then im scrolling to this box and i see the one guy post the solutions and i realized there was so much more i didn`t know about the game.