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Her social media presence is significant but not weighty enough to merit the title of most liked or followed on any platform.

Oprah probably doesn’t know her name, she does not have a signature (comic) character created to mint money by the millions, and international NGO’s aren’t exactly lining up to support her next project.

As a child growing up in the then Delta Steel Company (DSC) complex, young Omoni wanted nothing more than to display her talent in stage productions at school and in the church.

According to her, the very first lines she muttered in a stage production were ‘’the Bible says that he who does not work should not eat.’’ She carried this love for drama through secondary school and before long, began to appear in Nollywood films..

The Mo Abudu powered glossy meditation on being a Nigerian woman of a certain age was a huge one, as it quickly became the highest grossing Nollywood film of 2015.

In an era where Nollywood content producers are struggling to catch the interest of audiences glued to Hollywood blockbusters, Omoni Oboli is one of those certified names that can fill seats in cinema halls nationwide.Things go awry when one-by-one the executives are eliminated in sudden death circumstances, and the finger falls on the last two remaining executive as prime suspects.Nolly Thursdays will air on Trybe Tv(Go TVng Ch.97) by pm and ONTV(UHF Ch.41, Go TV Ch.96) by pm.Ten years and three kids later, the Obolis returned to Nigeria and Omoni was ready to reclaim lost ground career wise.However she was to discover the hard way that in Nollywood, you are only as good as your last job and no one really cared about a non-working woman from a decade past.