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Tekst treba biti jasan, sažet, gramatički ispravan, pisan u trećem licu i bez pasivnih glagolskih oblika.Poželjno je članak podijeliti na sljedeća poglavlja: uvod (tema i cilj rada, pregled dosadašnjih istraživanja i metode rada), teorijski pristup, rezultati istraživanja, diskusija (usporedba vlastitih rezultata s poznatima) i zaključak.1990 – June – Serbs in the Dalmatia and Lika declare the: Autonomous Municipalities of Northern Dalmatia and Lika” in Croatia.1991 – March – Serbia declares the mobilisation of Serbian special forces, Slobodan Milosevic declares on television that “Yugoslavia does not exist anymore.” 1991 – March – Croatian police are ambushed in Plitvice Lakes Croatia, one police officer is killed – attacks against Croats in mixed Serb-Croat areas drastically increases – Serb police and Yugoslav People’s Army troops do nothing to prevent or prosecute it.1991 – April – Serb terrorists disarm Croatian police in the town of Pakrac – the Yugoslav People’s Army, after distributing arms to Serbian terrorists there, moves in to Pakrac to “separate the warring factions,” essentially consolidating Serb territorial gains – Yugoslav People’s Army begins openly siding with the Serb terrorists in Croatia and ethnically cleansing non-Serbs and Croatia-loyal, democratic Serbs from areas that Serb ultra-nationalists claim to be part of “Greater Serbia.” 1991 – May – Ultra-nationalist Serbs hold a sham election in Croatia and declare union with Serbia.1991 – May – In response to Serb attacks and the terrorist activities of ultra-nationalist Serbs, 86% of eligible Croatian citizens take part in a referendum on independence, with 94% favouring it.1995 – May – Operation Flash/The Croatian army captured the self-declared Serb enclave of Western Slavonia in its first major bid to retake territories occupied in 1991.

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1992 – January – European Community peace negotiators are killed in Croatia after being attacked by a Serbian jet after a cease fire is declared between Croatia and Serbia and Croatian Serbs loyal to Milosevic’s regime in Croatia – Serbs violate the agreement and every subsequent agreement until Operation Storm by continuing ground, artillery and air attacks against Croatia – a total of 10,000 Croatian civilians were killed, 30,000 disabled (4,000 of them children) and almost 300,000 were ethnically cleansed with another 100,000 displaced by fleeing to areas out of Serb artillery and mortars.The future – self-determination, democracy and freedom – that Croatians defended at overwhelming costs to human life and living during the 1990’s war has not yet arrived.With truth and justice gaining their rightful place it will arrive eventually but not without determined pursuits of both, by all who truly want it." data-medium-file="https://inavukic.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/when-courage-prevailed.jpg? w=200" data-large-file="https://inavukic.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/when-courage-prevailed.jpg? znanstveni je časopis u kojemu se objavljuju rezultati izvornih teorijskih i empirijskih geografskih istraživanja, pregledni članci iz svih geografskih disciplina kao i prostorno orijentirani članci iz geoznanosti, drugih srodnih znanosti, kao i interdisciplinarni članci.