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The stance that Metwaly and Rizk take against neoliberal processes in Egypt is not a documentation of the state of things.

Instead, the duo pursues a form of theatre, an enactment, based on the experiences of the collective and the power of the imagination.

, 2015 For the duration of the Biennale Arte, three people will reside on the roof of the German Pavilion.

They are in search of a suitable trajectory, the ideal form for their flying objects.The German Pavilion has often acted as an artistic echo chamber for German history and identity.This year, the Pavilion’s large, quiet interior with its great height and accompanying sense of volume is a resonant space in which the productive sound of a globalized world can be heard.The new ‘digital light’ is the main medium used to transfer what is left of reality into a circulating digital visual culture.Tobias Zielony’s documentary essay consists of photographs that he took of African refugees in Berlin and Hamburg.