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The wielding of internal power, while rarely accompanied by impressive titles or salaries, has a deeper, longer-lasting effect than the external power maneuvers of those who dominate the nightly news.Women are the most proficient wielders of internal power because of their preponderance of insight, the intellectual vehicle of entering the very heart, mind, and soul of the other person.

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Demanding perfection from yourself will make you excessively nervous and prone to anger and guilt.The way to bring about positive changes is to maintain a realistic awareness of your imperfections in this area, and to work consistently to improve. These words were part of God's explanation to Rebecca, when she asked why her pregnancy was so difficult.God told her that the two children she carried, Jacob and Esau, were struggling within her, and prophesied that this struggle would be an eternal one.A materialistic society, one which recognizes only that which can be counted and measured (income, titles, degrees, etc.), is bound to discount the imponderables such as compassion, courage, and selflessness, which ultimately determine the fiber of its citizens.Ultimately, the people who have had the most significant effect on who you are today are not the President of the United States and the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of America, but your parents, teachers, and childhood role models -- the people who influenced your internal development.