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Many of the staff like speculative and sci-fi, and the journal has that focus, but their tastes extend beyond that genre.Word Riot releases a monthly issue with flash fiction and flash nonfiction.I’d known about 3 AM Magazine since 2009, but I never knew they got so much traffic.Apparently, they’re more than just a cult fascination.In addition to creative work like fiction and poetry, they offer a blog, reviews, interviews, and essays.

They publish so many amazing short shorts it’s hard to keep up.

Also, many of the literary magazines below publish micro fiction as well as flash fiction. Micro fiction tends to run under 300 words, while flash fiction is under 1000 words.

So micro fiction is even flashier than flash fiction.

They’re looking for pieces under 750 words, and they pay for each one.

Founded by the inestimable Roxane Gay, Pank draws in huge crowds.

Where is here by joyce carol oates online dating