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Proverbs 1:1-9 Focus on Fairness Our Daily Bread During the past 135 years of Major League Baseball, only 20 pitchers have thrown a perfect game.On June 2, 2010, Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers would have been number 21 but an umpire’s mistake denied him what every pitcher dreams of. Even though the umpire later acknowledged his error and apologized to Galarraga, the call made on the field could not be changed.Whether or not we ever come to solve the problems aired in the other two books, we can still come to terms with this world.We don't have to opt out and spend the whole of our lives thinking.Goldberg: The teachings of Chapters 1-9 are considered: to understand the goal of wisdom in her outreach; why the fruits of wisdom are so important; how the disciple can be wise in the ways of the Lord, as well as in the practicalities of life; the burden the father carries in his spiritual leadership of the family; the call for chastity, with good instruction in how to avoid the temptation of immorality; the abundant folly we run into and how we can avoid it; and why and how we should respond to the call of wisdom to avoid "folly's cursed crumbs." Lane: Job and Ecclesiastes are speculative wisdom, for they investigate why things are as they are and how we can make sense of them.

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He put all the resources of this world to the test to see just what they would do for man.

Stedman: Life is simply too big for us to handle by ourselves.

No matter how good the advice seems to be, if it isn't consistent with what God has told us, it is not to be trusted.

Fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends were animated in lively discussion.

The father of the bride and the father of the groom were asked to share their advice on what they had learned in their own Christian marriage.