Who is dbanj dating

And the dads do not move from their thrones as such activity is not even made for him.I have heard some awful comments that have emanated from this silly ideology that women are made for the kitchen.” However, one fateful day I indulged my interviewer, since the library had now become a place for house girl application processing.And your guess was as good as mine- he was another hungry man who saw Nigerian food as a miracle that could only come out of blessed women.In 2012, D’banj was rumoured to be dating Adama Indimi, the daughter of Alhaji Mohammed Indimi – Chairman of Oriental Energy Resources, however, the pair later made it official to a few friends and family, but later separated and they re-united publicly just recently at D’Banj’s Mum’ birthday Party in Lagos.Guests at the family affair were D’banj’s father, his twin brother and sister Kay Switch and Taiwo Oyebanjo-Kayode as well as OAP Dotun Kayode.

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After a couple more days of him stalking me, he disappeared.

So why do so many Nigerian men view it as something so low that it belongs to the “weaker gender” (or isn’t that what they refer to us as? Men are not exempt from kitchen activities, especially cooking. Do not completely leave your nutrition in the hands of others.

Cooking is a form of nurturing and sharing which we must admit our Nigerian men may need to double up on.

The tastiest jollof rice, pork chops, okra stew I ever tasted have been prepared by men.

I also find it super sexy when a man can cook too because I know I’m not a babysitter but a partner.