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If you have any information regarding this dangerous internet predator and his current location, please contact the Illinois State Police immediately. sadlilgrrl ( PM): i just sit in my room a lot alone and hope it all stops. and you're the only one whose ever even taken the time to talk to me ( PM): My email is [email protected] ( PM): im sorry i sent it through the program sadlilgrrl ( PM): do you want me to send it through email isntead?

( PM): But, let me ask you why you want to do this. (Here I checked the index of the Payphone Project to see if this was a listed payphone.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): shes gonna go to work tomorrow night to make up for tonight master and said that i could go to beccas at eight thirty tomorrow night master sadlilgrrl ( PM): okay master ( PM): I could be there at , but do not put me off again, this is the very last time, mostly due to the fact that you are sick. sadlilgrrl ( PM): im really excited master sadlilgrrl ( PM): ill meet you inside the blockbuster right master? And, I feel you need this right now, to know that someone will take care of you...

sadlilgrrl ( PM): yes master i understand and i understand i get double punishment master ( PM): Good... sadlilgrrl ( PM): yes master sadlilgrrl ( PM): will you be in your leather jacket master?

sadlilgrrl ( PM): my friend becca told me that the best way to find out if a guy was what you needed was to check their initials by counting off the numbers and stuff sadlilgrrl ( PM): and im kam sadlilgrrl ( PM): my initials are sadlilgrrl ( PM): can i try it with yorus?

( PM): The best way to find out if a guy is what you need is being with him...

sadlilgrrl ( PM): if shes home she wants me to be there so i can do what she wants me to ( PM): Going to go so you do not get in trouble, see you tommorrow.

sadlilgrrl ( PM): ill be there Sunday, March 21 sadlilgrrl ( AM): hey i know youre not there but my mom just said she has a migraine and shes not going into work today sadlilgrrl ( AM): so im stuck at home all day with her sadlilgrrl ( AM): maybe ill catch you online later and we can figure out a time this week to meet?

sadlilgrrl ( PM): oh i took tums master and then i took bismuth master sadlilgrrl ( PM): my mom gave it to me master sadlilgrrl ( PM): and fenergan master ( PM): Take another one, nice & hot... sadlilgrrl ( PM): i just dont want to disappoint you master but i dont want to waste your time and im afraid if im throwing up then i wont feel okay and ill disappoint you master ( PM): Well, you know it is up to you, we can delay the meeting until you feel better & you will get 8 punishments, or you can come now & only get three...sadlilgrrl ( PM): yeah i know its kind of a stupid gam but i thought id try it anyways sadlilgrrl ( PM): you have two middle names, huh? Tell me what you are going to wear so I will know you...sadlilgrrl ( PM): im gonna wear my jeans theyre kind of low riders n my tummy shirt sadlilgrrl ( PM): its black ( PM): How many have you earned?I wonder why & I am willing to give you a second chance at this.sadlilgrrl ( PM): hey i messaged you and told you about my moms migraine but maybe you didnt get it sadlilgrrl ( PM): im on but invisible so message me if you get this and ill message you again before i log off so i dont waste your time sadlilgrrl ( PM): i haev to clean and get ready for bed and stuff sadlilgrrl ( PM): maybe youll be on tomorrow sadlilgrrl ( PM): i hope so sadlilgrrl ( PM): im sorry again Tuesday, March 23 sadlilgrrl ( PM): hey did you get my messages?