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If this is the case, than it will be hard to find someone who will fall as deeply in love with you and you will with them.Being too picky can easily eliminate a lot of great people out there.These are just warning signs that the relationship needs help, i.e. Does he hold the door and is she appreciative when you do so?a marriage counselor or some other type of counseling such as a church social worker or a licensed psychologist. Helping with the household chores, whether you have requested their help or not. Complimenting you on your appearance, your work, your choice of anything from clothing to furniture to the children’s wardrobe. Doing little things that are totally unexpected: Flowers for no reason at all, a dinner out on the town, picking up a couple of good steaks for dinner instead of the hotdogs you had planned on fixing. Both are good signs that love – and respect – are in tact. Holding your hand in public and while watching a movie at home.However, they can be rekindled with frequent “time outs” such as regular small (or not so small!) vacations out of town, day trips to a place you both have always wanted to visit, having date nights on a regular basis (get a sitter who will be available on a certain day of the week, every week)…take in a movie, have a nice dinner, walk in the park.There are so many more, of course, if you only take the time to look.HOW TO PRESERVE THE LOVE Showing your significant other that you love them is an important part of any relationship.

” but the answer may be positive and the actions not.

And once you do find that person, how can you be sure he or she truly loves you?

This might seem obvious, but often times it is not.

To be truthful, most relationships are built on initial impressions that the person presents upon your meeting: Appearance, subtle habits, professional aspirations, likes and dislikes all play a role in whether your interest is piqued or not.

For instance, if you meet someone who meets all of your expectations except one- say, she or he is a brunette rather than the blonde you had hoped for- you may immediately decide that this person would not be of interest to you.