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“Why meet people on Tinder when there’s all these guys in real life?

Dating apps eliminate much of the gray area; you simply swipe right if you find the other person attractive.

sam.gamayati brings together (AV.); sa~gwa_n.a_ to collect together (H.)(CDIAL 12847).

(Go.); ci_ring to slit, slice, tear open (Br.) (DEDR 2491).

binding (RV.); se_tra bond, ligament (Pa_n..)(CDIAL 13586).

s'i_ra pointed, sharp (RV.); s'i_rin a kind of kus'a grass (Skt.)(CDIAL 12495).

Choosing your mate based on where they went to school just got easier than ever.

When you attend college, there’s a higher chance you will “mate” a fellow graduate.

40); evenness, balance; measure, quantity (Pur-ana_. 6,8); heaviness; time-measure, song, metrical foot, sound of musical instruments; ci_rmai greatness, excellence, eminence (Kur-al., 123); reputation, renown (Tacaiva_.

27,254); moderateness; decorum, good behaviour (Tiruppu. 109); smoothness, evenness, polish; [cillaa shining (Pkt.); cilkan.u to be bright (S.); cillo smooth, polished (N.); cilakna_ to be bright (H.)(CDIAL 4827)]; ci_rppu excellence (Perun..