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If there is an role which supports these 3 operating systems, please let me know and I'll use it as dependency.

GPLv3 This is my first attempt to create an ansible role, so please send suggestion or pull requests to make this role better.

200 community templates from Zabbix Community Repos - programmatically verified template compatibility with Zabbix 3.0.

the keys are belows: zabbix_server_mysql_login_host zabbix_server_mysql_login_user zabbix_server_mysql_login_password This role has 1 "hardcoded" dependency: geerlingguy.apache.There are some zabbix-server specific variables which will be used for the zabbix-server configuration file, these can be found in the defaults/file.There are 3 which needs some explanation: is the default postgresql port).Please visit Dockbix XXL project and read README for more details.1) Start database container for Zabbix proxy: docker run \ -d \ --name dockbix-proxy \ -p 100051 \ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ --link dockbix-db-proxy:\ --env="ZP_DBHost=dockbix-proxy.db" \ --env="ZP_DBUser=zabbix" \ --env="ZP_DBPassword=my_password" \ --env="ZP_Server= The solution for Docker container monitoring - most often used Zabbix C Docker module/template.