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Dynasty) may have maintained themselves at Memphis, a new race of in- dependent kings established themselves at Heracleopolis (IX. Dynasties) and for a time ruled the whole of Egypt.

The first ruler over reunited Egypt was Amenemhet I.

When, however, only one form is shown, the Egyptian is preferred.

— The names of the kings are here usually given in the Greek form, with the Egyptian form in brackets.

Under this dynasty the power of the kings was more limited, and the small principalities recovered some of their independence. (Pepi I.) I Builders of pyramids at Methusuphis (Merenre Ment-em-sof) j Sakkara (pp.

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long.) has been officially adopted in Egypt and the Sudan. in advance of Central Europe time (Italy, Switzerland, Germany) and 2 hrs. EGYPT AND THE SUDAN HANDBOOK FOK TKAVELLERS BY KARL BAEDEKER WITH 24 MAPS, 76 PLANS, AND 57 VIGNETTES SIXTH REMODELLED EDITION LEIPZIG: KARL BAEDEKER, PUBLISHER LONDON: DULAU AND CO., 37 SOHO SQUARE, W. The funeral temple of one of these has been found at Deir el-Bahri (p. Dependent on these sovereigns were the Theban sub-kings named Entef, whose small tombs lie near Drah Abu'l Negga (p. The Mentuhoteps finally overthrew the kings of Heracleopolis and gradu- ally succeeded in reuniting the whole country. There is hardly a considerable town in Egypt without some traces of the building activity of the kings of this dynasty. During his lifetime his children fought for the succession. 293) was the first royal rock-tomb of the Pharaohs.