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The five small yet brutal holes in the young girls back led from her lower right back to her upper right shoulder, not in the tight pattern in the upper right portion of her back, as Graysmith had described in his first book.The author had repeatedly cited this tight pattern as proof that the Zodiac was an expert marksman.

Retired police officer Donald Fouke once again denied that he and his partner Eric Zelms had stopped the Zodiac on the night of the Stine murder.Director David Fincher, actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., screenwriter James Vanderbilt, and James Ellroy, author of LA CONFIDENTIAL and MY DARK PLACES, all provided audio commentaries for the film.An exhaustive documentary presented a behind-the-scenes look at the production, including footage from the sets, photos of evidence, and interviews with producer Brad Fischer, Vanderbilt, Downey, Gyllenhaal, Graysmith and others.David Toschi made a rare and brief appearance with his on-screen counterpart, actor Mark Ruffalo.This Is The Zodiac Speaking featured interviews with many of the real-life individuals portrayed in the film, such as surviving victims Michael Mageau and Bryan Hartnell, investigators Ken Narlow, George Bawart, retired officers Armand Pelissetti and Donald Fouke, and more, as well as crime scene photos and archival news footage.